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From Finland

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Great band! I really like your version of that classic. Greetins from Finland and keep on rockin'


Sparky 2782

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World of Blues

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I have seen this band several times now over the years, but must admit for sheer entertainment, musicianship and 'feel', this latest line-up is the best one yet.  The band grab its audience from the spookily nostalgic opening number, and take them on a whirlwind ride on the world's fastest roller coaster. Think a British biker band...and then add various amounts of psychelia, 1960's r&b and pure out and out rock.

Great show, reaffirming them as one of the best acts on the pub rock and blues circuit!


Bolton Evening News Oct 2011

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Top Bolton blues/rock band (now in its 30th year!) returns from their perpetual touring for a home town gig with a brand new line-up..(although still fronted by original member Alec Martin) that now includes musicians formerly with The Nashville Teens, Chicory Tip, Wolf, Victor Brox and Gillan. This is a rare local appearence for the band that has developed a large international following, and one not to be missed. The band perform a unique mix of authentic British and US blues rock, that has its roots firmly in the 1960s whilst at the same time, tipping their hats to more modern exponents of the genre. What sets this band apart (and they key to their longevity) is their love of, and belief in the music they are doing, mixed with the ability to actually entertain and involve an the sheer quality of their musicianship. Certainly a night not to be missed!!!

Daz @ The Fleece, Sept 2011

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new look night train back on track, if you pardon the pun


As i had a night off last night i popped into the Fleece to catch the new look Night Train

After a couple of months of internal wranglings it was good to see the band back on form playing a great mix of laid back and up tempo blues.


The band all look like they were enjoying themeselves with the new guys fitting in like they had been there for years.


As always the usual receptive Fleece crowd lapped up the material and the anecdotes in between songs from a curiously "sober " Alec.


i can report that any rumours of their demise are extremely premature as they were better than ever last night with a freshess back in the band and looking like it was fun to be there.


A band enjoying what they are doing and the punters enjoying the show what more can you ask.


The Night Train is still rolling


Amanda @ Hulton Arms Oct 1st 2011

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I was a Night Train virgin when I came to see you with my owd man last night! Bloody awesome! Nice to see young Jacknife Holiday there too!...and I now know what Wallified means! \m/

Review at Barnstormers 16th September 2011

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At The Barnstormers in Horwich.

It was the second time I'd seen them this year and I was surprised by the different line up. I recognised the drummer and singer but the bass and guitarist were different from before. Speaking to them afterwards I found out that this was the new permenent band. The guitarist is a guy called Wally who was with Victor Brox and his own band, and the bass player wasa guy called Tony.

The new players fit in very well and it was nice to see them do a whole lot of new material by people like Bo Diddley and the Stones. Drummer and bass are spot on together and the band are very very tight. Guitarist does some very Hendrixy antics, playing behind his back and he got the whole crowd watching his every move.

Singer was full of charisma and reminded me of a cross between Jim Morisson and Captain Beefheart.Great bluesy rock voice.

All in all a very good and entertaining night and I'm glad I made the trip to The Barnstormers which is quite a good venue.

Will definitely go and see them again soon after that show.

A new fan.

Life After Death

Black Dog, Oswaldtwistle

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Night Train - 26th December 2010


We booked Night Train for Boxing Day as a bit of a gamble really. I knew from what I had read on here that they were a great band but I didnt know if we would be busy that night.

There is not much I can say about this band except that they amazed the crowds and had some of our guitar hero fans mezmorised by the awesome guitar playing.

The show they performed was fantastic, with a big set so venues, give them plenty of space!!!

They only bad part of the night (a bit of miss-communication between us and them) was the gap between set 1 and 2. As Oswaldtwistle is a walkers town, people left before the second set started as we had not said how long to wait!

Apart from that, everything was 100% perfect and we even had one of the locals do a karaoke song with them at the end.

Another 9/10 score for me so get Night Train in your pub if you like a bit more of the bluesy type of band.

Great to see something a little different. Definately be booking them again this year.


Night Train @ The Fleece, Ashton IM, 7th January 2011

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Absolutely ACE, in my opinion!

It's always very quiet right at the start of the evening at the Fleece, because all the regulars know that the bands only come on around 10pm....but as soon as N.T kicked into the 1st set at 10.05pm, people streamed in, and it got nice'n' Plus, considering it's early January, it was a very good turn out.

Alec asked if I would video some of the performance with his HD camera.... I ended up recording ALL of the gig.. I even managed to throw in a few "Cream live @ The Royal Albert Hall 1968 Farewell Concert annoying zoom in & out fast as possible on band members' faces!"... - type camera work! :-)

The sound mix was spot on.. No one instrument overpowered another.. and the volume wasn't too loud either, which enabled a decent quality audio recording on the camera.

Alec is a great front man and engaged with the the audience throughout the night. I glanced round a few times (when my arm was hanging off due to the weight of Alec's bloody camers! lol) and everyone in the audience was loving it. John on bass was solid as a rock and had a great bass sound. Tutha John, on guitar, sounded great also, and suits Night Train's bluesy rock style. I reckon a lot of guitarists would love to be in John's shoes. Loads of scope for doing your "own thing"!.. There's no "set in stone" type setlist with Night Train. Improvisation is a necessary requirement, be it vocal, song length, structure, etc. ... The smoke machine and lighting transported you over to some atmospheric, sleezy bar in Chicago Town (no, not the pizza!). As can be seen from the video clips from the night (see Night Train NWB page), Alex on drums is a massive talent and a really confident player. His playing is so relaxed and yet precise with it.... Oh, before I forget!! One highlight was Alec doing a slide guitar solo spot at the start of the 2nd set. It went down a storm with the crowd!

Any venues who want a really good sounding, edgy, bluesy-rock type band, with a top singer/frontman/entertainer, should look no further than NIGHT TRAIN....Doing it completely LIVE, from start to finish!

We all know ABBA was named from the various members' first names.....

.. well, Night Train shall also be known as "AJJA"! Alec, John, John and Alex!

Hope to catch up with you soon fellas.



Night Train @ Black Dog, Oswaldtwistle Xmas 2010

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Thank you Night Train


We had a fantastic night at The Black Dog last night with Night Train giving us a real treat. The pub has been open less than 2 weeks and the first 2 bands have been amazing and all our customers are asking where the hell did we find these bands!!!